The Firm

Our firm is the result of a long standing friendship that began many years ago at school and the sharing of a work and life style based on commitment, loyalty and personal responsibility, in order to achieve goals through experience, competence, creativity and innovation.

Andrea Errani

Notary in pension

Luigi Malaguti

Notary Public and Partner

Giulio Errani

Notary Public and Partner

Jacopo Marin

Notary Public and Partner

Monica Giacobbe

Notary Public

Support and Advice

We deal with all matters relating to notarial services: advice and drafting of real estate deeds, commercial and corporate law, estate planning within the family, wills, trusts and successions 

What We Do

We empathize with the situations presented by our clients and study with passion any legal arrangement, including innovative ones, in order to achieve the intended outcome.

Real Estate

We follow the customer throughout the whole operation, giving advice in all related matters, including tax, from the preliminary contract, to the relationships with the real estate agencies, the purchase agreement and the mortgage, when necessary.

Business law,corporate law,
non-profit organizations,

We follow all operations, from the simplest, such as transfers of shares, constitutions of partnerships, to the most complex as deeds of incorporation of corporations, M&A, mergers etc.

Wealth and family

We identify the most suitable legal instrument for the given case and put in place the most appropriate strategies, through family agreements, trusts, targeted assets, destination bonds, estate funds or donations.

Foreign language acts, cross-border issues

Thanks also to previous international professional experience and studies of some of the members of the firm, we are able to provide wide-ranging assistance in these areas.

Successions and Wills

Among our services are also those of drafting of wills and preparation of declarations of succession with the related obligations.
In this field it is important not to trust commonplaces and seek advice from a valid professional.